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Sunday, April 23, 2006



Stonehenge is a world heritage site. It is an arrangement of heavy stones (some 7 tonnes, some upto 50 tonnes) in a (sort of) circular form. This pre-historic site's (4-7000 years old) claim to fame is, no one knows who did this or why or how. The British tourism board and the package tourist companies here have exploited (or marketed) this curiosity very well to make it one of the top visitor attractions in UK. For an average tourist, there is not much to see or do here. Due to earlier vandalism,visitors are not even allowed near the stones and are separated by a rope circle. We just walk around the circle, take a few snaps, listen to an optional audio guide and come back. We took a tour package where the guide explained various theories of who, why and how but inspite of all the buildup this is a disappointing place. For me Stonehenge is just one big marketing success story.
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