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Thursday, September 29, 2005

TN Cities - Trichy

Trichy or Tiruchirapalli, is the the fourth largest city in TN with a population nudging 1 million. It is also the most centrally located large city of Tamilnadu. It has excellent road connections, with more than a couple of National Highways and good rail connections to Chennai and Madurai and after BG conversion, to places north too. The airport is international (Srilanka and Sharjah) and it has the distinction of getting inernational flights even before Coimbatore got one.

Trichy is a relatively smaller city with a large rural hinterland. It was converted to Municipal corporation pretty recently after merger of Srirangam and other places to Trichy municipality. Trichy has lot of historical significance although it is overshadowed by Madurai or Thanjavur.

Economically, Trichy has become an important industrial centre mainly because of BHEL boiler plant (used in Thermal Power stations). Along with its ancillary industries, this contributes some 6000 crores to the industrial output of Trichy. Apart from this, the military has a factory (HAPP) and southern railway has its workshop in Golden Rock. Not much industrialisation from the private sector is seen in Trichy. It is an important trading and economic centre in the central region of Tamilnadu. Inspite of this, in terms of affluence, it is overshadowed by Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, even perhaps Tiruppur and Erode cities.

Trichy is an important education centre. NIT (Formerly REC) a premier engineering institute in India, is the pride of Trichy. This college along with the central government PSU BHEL, gives a somewhat cosmopolitan look to the city. Bharathidasan University is a reputed university and its management institute, BIM is TamilNadu's version of IIM. A medical college was missing here for a long time but with the opening of KAP medical college, that gap has been filled now. Trichy also has a law college and number of private colleges, some of which are of very good repute.

Trichy is also an important tourist place with three major temples. The most obvious thing is the 83 metre high famous Rock-fort with the Uchipillayar temple on top. A rocky outcrop sorrounded by plains with views of Cauvery river and Srirangam gopurams, it is the finest viewpoint in Trichy. The road leading to the rock-fort (NSB) is also the main shopping centre of the city and is very lively. The island town of Srirangam, now part of Trichy corporation, separated from it by the rivers Cauvery and Kollidam, is a more important tourist / pilgrimage centre. It houses the Sriranganatha Swamy temple, the most important temple for the Vaishnavites of Tamil Nadu, a huge temple that boasts of the tallest temple gopuram (Tower) in the country. Its a bit commercialised though with expectations of money by the priests and sundry characters in the temple campus. With the temple and the river cauvery, Srirangam is becoming a sort of pensioners paradise in Tamil Nadu. The temple of Jambukeshwara on the way to Srirangam is also an important shiva temple. Apart from the temples, we have, Kallanai, the 2000 year old dam on the Cauvery river and a couple of other dam spots nearby. The city also has got good hotels for all budgets and the eating places around the bus stand are very good.

From what I have seen, the city looked neat and green with very good city transport provided by the buses. The roads were good and many National Highways (NH 45, NH 45B, NH 67) criss-cross the city. With good colleges and a decent industrial base provided by BHEL, it has the potential to become another Coimbatore with good government support. As usual, I will suggest a CMDA style development authority to plan for proper growth of the city. Focussing on ITES will also help. On a longer term, it is possible to develop the Trichy - Thanjavur belt as an urban corridor with some imaginative thinking. The 55 km road is already seeing industrial and institutional developmet on both sides of the road for a large part.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trichy rocks ! It is THE LIVEABLE CITY IN TAMILNADU" It has right mix of agri and industries. It is the best, i tell you !
Thanks for the write up. Much more could have been covered.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TRICHY,the second HEADQUARTER of TamilNadu. It is located in the centre part of TN. Based on the population TRICHY had been pushed to the fourth spot and overshadowed by Madurai and Coimbatore. When TRICHY is compared to Madurai(Big Village), the city TRICHY has the upperhand in all the aspects. And TRICHY has equivalent historical background to Madurai. When compared with Coimbatore(Manchester), TRICHY giving more Industrial output than the Kovai. TRICHY BHEL alone contributing 6000cr. 70% of the needs for Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Windmill Towers used in INDIA has been met by industries located in TRICHY. TRICHY has the TECHNO PARK through which the city is contributing for the IT. The city cost of living is low and where you can find peace to live. TRICHY has more no of International flights and Cargo Services in TN next to Chennai. This is the city where government has introduced AIRBUS and AC Buses for the city service. By Road,Rail,Air TRICHY is well connected and stands high compared to Madurai and Kovai. Here you can find the fine mixed blend of Industry and agri...Still Trichy has the hidden potential to grow. Yes, like this i can list u more... TRICHY ROCKS!!!!

6:01 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Obviously Trichy is missing lot of devolpment projects..which have been shifted to other cities of like coimbatore gains a lot due to its weather....and some through political
support. As v all know here the weather is always sunny which many people hates....but political factor is missing here if our ministers urges the center to start IT in trichy then rockcity will rock.According to a article in news paper which i read says that "compound walls for IT park has been built".
My request to all well-wishers for devolpment of trichy that "v have to struggle to devolp this lovely city".

11:02 AM  

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